Dare I say ungrateful cunt? or maybe that’s exaggerating.

Needed for labour work:

1. Biceps

2. Driving Standard

3. Steel Toe Boots

4. Gloves

5. To prove I am just as capable as any man

6. A chance

Listing Things

I haven’t been on here forever. WOW. 

So where am I at?

I’m thinking that:

1. I’d like to go on just one date before my first year of university is over.

2. I’m so exciting to live with my sister this summer. 

3. I really need a glass of steeped tea/white hot chocolate.

4. I use my instagram wayyyyyy more than this account.

5. To keep from missing home, the best thing to do is continue a routine you did back home. I’ve started listening to the country radio every morning and I feel alot better. 

6. If you think you shouldn’t do something than you probably shouldn’t. 

7. I have alot of work to get done before looking at houses on the weekend. 


 I can feel the sweetness. <3


 I can feel the sweetness. <3

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